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Latest Tracfone Reviews 2012

Mar 11, 2012 08:56 AM 
Worst company ever. Customer service sucks and website is a joke. Unless you're prepared to just buy airtime cards at your local convenience store, try Verizon, AT&T, etc or another company offering prepaid minutes. Tracfone sucks 
Mar 4, 2012 01:40 PM 
I had tracfone for 3 months. To recharge the minutes i had to go to a payphone. i was never able to recharge minutes without having to contact the service department. it was the absolute worse phone i ever had. The service was lousy. i moved to tmobile and im much happier now. 

Feb 26, 2012 07:57 AM 
The Tracfone SVC is an ideal way to introduce the kids to cellphones. They are simple to use and it costs less than $7 a month. No need to get the fanciest technology for first cellphones

Feb 7, 2012 11:18 AM 
Tracfone was my only cell phone provider for ten years. I let my landline go two years ago, and also now use a StraightTalk phone. Tracfone is the cheapest way to go for low volume cell phone useage. You can often find a one-year card with 400 minutes for $100 or less. I paid $82 for my last one. You can add the DoubleMinute feature to your Tracfone for $7.00-20.00. If added before adding a one-year card, this will allow you to obtain 800 minutes from a one-year card, and if you plan ahead, you can usually find an active Bonus Code that will add 150-250 minutes when you activate the one-year card, for a total of 950-1050 minutes. These airtime minutes only expire when used, as long as you keep your Tracfone active. Tracfone customer service is very difficult to use. Use a landline when calling them, or just toss the problem phone, and purchase another. When you join Tracfone, it is best to purchase a NEW phone from WalMart or another vendor IN YOUR AREA. Refurbished phones have problems, and if Grandma sends you a new Tracfone for Christmas, you get Grandma's area code for your phone. Purchase the $19.99 card for initial activation in order to make sure that your phone works. If you are satisfied, buy a one-year card and add to your Tracfone. If the new Tracfone does not work to your satisfaction, return to WalMart within their FIFTEEN DAY return window. You will not get a refund on the $19.99 airtime purchase, just the phone cost. Five years ago, I got Girlfriend a Tracfone for auto emergencies. She keeps a landline, so seldom uses her Tracfone. She has about 4000 minutes accumulated on it. Were she to lose the phone, there would be no recourse with Tracfone. All would be lost. But, for $75-100 per year, the monthly cost is dirt cheap. Heavier cell phone useage is best handled with StraightTalk or Net10, also American Movil companies, and also impossibly bad customer service. My Tracfone is my permanent "official" phone number for employer and government. I ask my friends and family to call me on my StraightTalk number, using Tracfone only if they are unable to reach me. The biggest downside with StraightTalk is lack of an airtime meter on most of their phones. You have to telephone StraightTalk or go to their website to check your airtime balance. Tracfone models with a "G" suffix operate off AT&T or T-Mobile towers. Tracfones with "C" suffix are Verizon. NEVER enroll in Tracfone-Net10-StraightTalk automatic refill programs. They will screw it up, along with your credit card/bank account. Use refill cards. Porting your old phone number to an American Movil service is hit-or-miss. And, only a FOOL would purchase advertising for his business, using American Movil as a contact number. If your livelihood DEPENDS upon a cell phone number, PAY the price for service with Verizon or AT&T. BE CAREFUL where you buy airtime. Dishonest Asian vendors will sell you CHEAP airtime purchased using stolen credit cards. When the chargeback hits Tracfone, Tracfone turns off your phone, permanently! Good Luck with your Tracfone.

Jan 31, 2012 10:08 AM 
We have had our old tracfone for several years and decided to get a new phone. Our number and minutes were transfered to the new phone and then we realized that we could not get reception in our area. We have been trying for over a week to get the minutes transfered back to the old phone. After being put on hold for over an hour and trying to understand the operator competing to be heard over other operators in the background, I was finally transferred to a superior. She again had me on hold for almost an hour then told me to call a number at 7:44 last evening. A recording said my phone was activated. Great. I knew that. I just do not have any minutes. Again, I called this morning, given another ticket number to call within 24-48 hours and I should get my minutes back. If we did not have over one thousand minutes of air time coming. I would just chuck the whole phone. Buyer beware of the reception in your area before purchasing a Tracfone. Linda in Northern Wisconsin

Jan 16, 2012 06:43 AM
My first mistake was not googling TRACFONE reveiws BEFORE I bought the phone...I asked the customer service reps that were acting like they were trying to help me if they have ever read they reveiws and he responded NO that he does not have

Jan 16, 2012 06:38 AM
I bought a TRACFONE for my husband for Christmas and I should of just bought him a bag of coal....probably would of gotten more satisfaction out of it...this has been the worst experience I have ever had after purchasing any product...I cannot beleive that WALMART would sell a product where the company that makes it will not back it up and you cannot have a customer service rep that speaks english well enough to where you can understand them and they do not even have a call center in the USA..they have a office in Florida but when you call you get someone in Belize or El Salvador or some strange land...Tracfone will not even try to help you get a phone that works....they just want to keep trouble shooting the one you have after you have been on the telephone with them for hours requesting them just to give you a refund or send you a telephone that works...after speaking to 3/4 people they transfer to someone who is suppose to give you a address to send it back too....well they too want to do a trouble shoot...and I am like what part of IT DONT WORK dont you understand.!!! DO NOT BUY A TRACFONE AND STAY AWAY FROM STRAIGHTTALK AND DONT TRUST WALMART'S CUSTOMER SATIFACTION POLICY!!!!

Anonymous said... 
I couldn't stand any more wasted hours trying to get help from this company. I guess they either do not have knowlegable people there or they just don't care. Everytime I got someone on the line after long waits about the same problem they each told me something different . Everything from changing my code entry mode, new sim card, and last of all a new phone, and each time a new number.Still not working as it should. I'm switching to Consumer Celular where ratings and reviews are excellant and USA based service people who care. 
January 10, 2012 10:03 PM

Ken Schiff said... 
If you want to get cheated, ripped off, and treated badly, then TracFone is for you! They refuse to block web access, email, or messaging, regardless of my requests. They have the buttons on their phone conveniently placed so that it's easy to hit a wrong button which you realize when you get the message that "X minutes have been deleted" from your account. TracFone itself sends unsolicited messages and then charges for you to view them. Unlocking a phone? Forget it. They won't do it, and a local shop said I shouldn't even try. TracFone does all kinds of things to make it impossible to unlock. Therefore, I had to buy another phone when I changed over to another non-contract service. All I can say is DON'T SPEND A MINUTE OR A DIME WITH THESE PEOPLE! 
January 5, 2012 1:43 AM


  1. The WORST phone service and the words customer service are NOT in their vocabulary... plus most speak such poor English that you can't have a conversation. They waste your time and give NO value to having their service. If you have a brain...take my advice DO NOT Even think about choosing this company or service - Tracphone, Net10 and StraightTalk are all the same..... BAD BAD BAD

  2. I have had Tracfone here in the Ct. area for 8 years and it works just perfect. With 12 million customers in america I guess that there will be some problems but I love my tracfone.

  3. Stay the hell away from Tracfone, Straight Talk and Net10(all the same useless company).Their people are so poorly trained or underpaid that they can't help you with shit whatsoever. These idiots drop your calls repeatedly that if your life is in danger and all you have is a stupid tracfone, then you will die before help arrives.You can hardly get an idiot in customer service to answer a simple question without referring you to some other idiot and then another one of their in-house jerks until you damn run out of patience. They also have many ways of deactivating your phone and pocketing your money. Unreliable service I'd say. Seek other alternatives. I regret ever owning their crap of a cell phone.